Toyota cars with voice-controlled navigation with artificial intelligence.

26 November 2018

Toyota will launch a platform based on artificial intelligence, used for voice control of various car functions, including navigation. The new solution will go to new Toyota cars in Japan next summer.


The new system is based on the Line Corp platform Clova (Cloud Virtual Assistant). The platform uses cloud technology and artificial intelligence, capable of understanding commands and responding to them. Toyota drivers will be able to use voice commands like "Tell me how to get to Tokyo Tower" or "Tell me if Tomei Expressway is corked". The driver will also be able to check the weather in the destination by voice, send or receive e-mails, make a free phone call via the Line application and even turn off the lights in your apartment.

In recent years, the number of accidents caused by drivers using a smartphone while driving has increased. "In this situation, it is the task of car manufacturers to create solutions that will allow the safe use of telephones," said Keiji Yamamoto, a Toyota representative at a press conference at CEATEC.

Toyota and Line Corp. announced the launch of a new voice messaging system during the press day at the largest electronics and information technology fair CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies. This year, 725 companies from 20 countries took part in them.




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