Will the next Lexus F Series be hybrids?

13 November 2018

This year, Lexus celebrates the tenth anniversary of a series of sports models marked with the letter F. The round jubilee has become a great opportunity to reflect on the further history of cars from the line marked with this sign. And it appears rather in pink colors. Lexus representatives emphasize that the F series is extremely important to them, and the strongest Lexus can be even more dynamic thanks to the use of hybrid technology.

Sports hybrid drive capabilities
In the past, the hybrid drive was associated only with economical and environmentally-friendly cars for everyday driving. Today, this technology is increasingly used in sports cars and motorsport. Chika Kako, executive vice president of Lexus International, spoke recently about the possibilities of hybrid drive in this regard for the Car Advice portal.
"I think everyone has always seen hybrid Lexus through the prism of fuel economy, but with further development we would like to pay more attention to the value of this drive and focus more on highlighting the dynamics and sportiness that hybrid technology can offer," says Chika Kako.

Lexus is looking for solutions
"We want to take advantage of the performance and sporting benefits of a hybrid drive. Of course, we can not say what's next, "he adds. The representative of Lexus, however, revealed that the work is underway. "Having hybrid technology and modifying it properly can really change the dynamics of the car. We are currently looking for a way to do it best, "says Kako.
Lexus engineers have something to build on. Almost all models of the Japanese brand are available in versions with hybrid drive, and such a system can also be found in the sports LC and RC coupe. Lexus can also reach for the help of sister Toyota and Gazoo Racing team, who already has a proven racing car based on hybrid technology - TS050 Hybrid. It was this car that Toyota won the last edition of the legendary 24h Le Mans race.
The F series is important for Lexus
The president of Lexus, Yoshihiro Sawa, also spoke about the future of the F series. According to Sawa, the sports model line is very important for the Japanese brand and presents the unique approach of Lexus to the creation of sports models.
"One of the solutions can be a GT race car, which could be a hybrid with an electric engine and a powerful exhaust unit and give a different driving experience. We do not stick to V-eights, V-tens or twin-turbo recharges. They are important, but we look to the future. We are looking for a way that will connect us with the next era, "said President Lexus.

Another sports Lexus
The development of the Lexus F model line is not only evidenced by the statements of the brand's representatives, but also by information getting to the media about work on specific models. We already know that Lexus is working on a track-and-road version of the RC F - RC F GT. Spotterom managed to catch the car recently during tests at the Nürburgring. The car is distinguished by additional air inlets and a large spoiler enough to be lighter and have bigger brakes. For the sports drive Lexus RC F GT will probably use a known, 5-liter, conventional V8 engine, whose power will probably be higher.
The Japanese brand is also working on the more extreme brother of the flagship LC coupé. According to reports, Lexus LC F is to be powered by a motor generating over 600 hp. Until now, however, it has been said about purely combustion units. Perhaps, however, Lexus will decide to create two propulsion variants - hybrid and diesel - as it does with the standard LC model.


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