PSEM took part in thematic session MOVE Mobility &Vehicles, which was organized by Poznan International Fair.

12 April 2018

Among panelist were noted people who work to promote electromobility: Maciej Mazur, Marcin Korolec, Rafał Czyżewski, Bartosz Kubik.
On the event appeared delegates of Polish government: Michał Kurtyka (Ministry of Energy) and Tadeusz Kościński  (Ministry of Enterprise and Technology) and representatives of energy companies  and also representatives of the biggest cars brands investing in Poland.
During the thematic session panelist debated about:

  • Trends and investments on Polish automotive market and development of electromobility
  • Electromobility as the future of cities
  • Charging en route - how does infrastructure outside agglomerations looks like

PSEM took patronage over that event



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